When Jack Egan was in fourth grade he showed up to his first lacrosse practice wearing a football helmet and hockey gloves.

“It was honestly one of the best days of my life,” Egan remembers.

Flash forward eight years, Egan has upgraded his equipment and added some state championship hardware to his collection.

Egan was a main component in Cheyenne Mountain’s first 4A state championship, earning him the title of Gazette Preps Boys’ Lacrosse Peak Performer of the Year.

After switching between midfield and attack throughout his high school career, found his groove on offense in his senior season. He lead the Indians with 67 points, 32 goals and 35 assists.

But his play in the postseason was what stood out most for Cheyenne Mountain coach Mike Paige. Prior to the playoffs Paige said Egan’s physicality could be problematic at times as his ferocity sometimes led to turnovers.

“He’s not a big dude, he can’t bench press a ton, but he doesn’t mind physical pain,” Paige said. “Guys will be crushing him and he comes back for more. But he really changed his play in the playoffs. He kept his head up and was creating assists, along with scoring himself. He really matured in a short period of time to help us be the team we wanted to be.”

Egan had nine goals and 11 assists through four playoff games.

But it wasn’t just Egan’s play that lifted Cheyenne Mountain to a state championship. According to Egan, he was just one piece of a new mentality after last year's leading scorer August Johnson was sidelined with an injury.

“Almost every single play that we ran involved (August) somehow, and it was definitely a huge adjustment to get used to not playing with him,” Egan said. “But I think the reason everything worked out as well as it did is because I think we just believed in each other’s skills. Without Auggie we had to focus more on ourselves and perfect the things that weren’t perfect before and it was more of a team effort.”

That belief in each other led to an impeccable brotherhood.

“Our trust in each other kind of excelled each person’s skills individually,” Egan said. “Because of that we looked at our offense and started to get fancy with some plays, and had a lot more free flow involved. There was more hustle and heart and I think that really propelled us to the next level.”

From a football helmet and hockey gloves to a state championship trophy. Egan certainly made it to the next level.

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