Fromer Pine Creek quarterback Brock Domann pranked by LA Rams QB Jared Goff

A screenshot of the Red Bull youtube video featuring former Pine Creek quarterback Brock Domann (15). Watch here:

Former Pine Creek quarterback, and current Ventura College player Brock Domann was interviewed by Red Bull for what he thought to be a documentary on JUCO football.

"It's cut throat, and it's the best man wins. Just because you have a job one week doesn't mean you have a job the next," Domann said in the interview.

Little did he know that he would have to compete for his job a bit sooner than expected - against an NFL quarterback. Red Bull and Ventura College brought in LA Rams QB Jared Goff to act as an incoming transfer student, gunning for the starting quarterback position.

Disguised with a wig, fake tattoos and an unsightly mole, Goff went to practice to prank the Pirates.

Armed with attitude, Goff showed off his powerful arm and poked fun at the teams current quarterbacks.

Watch the video here.

"I want to scare him a little bit," said Goff, dressed as transfer student Dreaj Foge. "I want to make the quarterbacks a little nervous."

Goff asked backup QB Jay Vanderjag if he was a punter and acted surprised to hear he was a quarterback.

"He asked if I was the punter," Vanderjag told Domann.

"That's so disrespectful," Domann said as cameras panned to Goff effortlessly tossing the football down the field.

After the team had enough of Goff showing off, coach Steve Mooshagian brought the team in for a chat.

"We are going to bring the best players we can bring in," Mooshagian said. "I don't freaking care if I brought in an NFL quarterback. You guys have to compete. So with that being said, that's exactly what I did today."

Goff stands from one knee and takes off his helmet and wig as the team erupted in laughter and awe.

"You had no clue!" Goff said.

"You guys full-on thought I was transferring here."

"Full on," Domann replied.

Watch the full video here:

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