Rampart sophomore to get major experience

It wasn't long ago that Arielle Keating was just golfing as a hobby. In about seven months, Keating will be golfing on one of the game's most hallowed courses.

Late last month, Keating qualified at Torrey Pines - another one of the game's legendary course - winning a drive, chip and putt regional tournament that is sending her to the championship at Augusta National Golf Club in Augusta, Ga.

Yes, that Augusta, home for the annual Masters Tournament, site of one of the PGA's four majors.

"I don't know what to think of it," Keating said. "Wow! I get to go."

Keating was just happy to compete at Torrey Pines. But she did more than compete. She posted 118 points - 33 in the drive competition, 40 in chip, 45 in putt. She won the competition by 17 points.

Joining her will be another Colorado Springs golfer - Discovery Canyon's Luke Trujillo. On Monday, Trujillo shot 75 in the 4A boys' state championship. He also helped DCC wrap up its first golf league crown.

Brad Keating, Arielle's dad, didn't want his daughter to feel pressured by the trip to California. So he turned it into a mini-vacation. That translated to fun and a relaxed Arielle.

"We went to the beach and I got to go surfing for the first time," Arielle Keating said.

She won't be surfing when she heads to Augusta. But after the tournament she will be watching the game's top players practice ahead of the 2016 Masters.

"I've heard about it and know it's a big deal," Arielle Keating said. "I actually get to go there in person now."


National recognition for Sand Creek's Schwartz

D'Shawn Schwartz is only a junior at Sand Creek. But Schwartz has already been considered among the best college prospects in Colorado.

Now, he's among the best in the nation on the U.S. Olympic scene.

In September, Schwartz was one of 57 boys named to the USA junior national team roster for a camp that ran Oct. 2-4.

The camp was at the Olympic Training Center.

The camp was a chance to evaluate players for several 2016 international competitions, according to USA Basketball's website.

Schwartz is the only player from Colorado selected to the team.


Cheyenne Mountain swimmer named state's best

Daniel Carr punched his ticket to next summer's USA Swimming Olympic trials more than a year ago.

This year he was named the state's best male swimmer - regardless of age and despite being just a junior at Cheyenne Mountain.

Carr is qualified in the 100-meter backstroke and the 200 backstroke for the trials, which will be June 2-July 3, 2016 at the CenturyLink Center in Omaha, Neb.

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