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Tournaments will start at 9 a.m. Thursday, Friday and Saturday mornings. Class 5A will play in Denver, and Class 4A will play in Pueblo.


No. 2 Singles

Austin Kattenhorn, Broomfield vs. Kyle Ma, Pine Creek

Scouting report: Broomfield junior Austin Kattenhorn claimed the Region 4 title last week and is 8-2 on the season according to MaxPreps. Pine Creek’s Kyle Ma took second at No. 2 singles in the Region 6 tournament and is 7-2.

No. 3 Singles

Nick Solimene, Valor Christian vs. Sean Bohuslavsky, Liberty

Scouting report: Nick Solimene, a junior at Valor Christian, claimed the Region 6 title after finishing the regular season 8-3. Liberty senior Sean Bohuslavsky was the Region 8 runner up at No. 3 singles. Bohuslavsky was 8-1 at No. 3 singles and 3-0 at No. 2 singles for the Lancers this year.


No. 1 Singles

Carter Holbrook, Dawson School vs. Reilly Fredell, Coronado

Scouting report: Carter Holbrook, a senior, is the Region 4 champion and finished the regular season 8-5, despite a five-match skid in September. Coronado’s Reilly Fredell took second in Region 6 and is 12-4 on the season.

Jo Ota, Fountain Valley vs. Brandon Pennington, D’Evelyn

Scouting report: Fountain Valley junior Jo Ota entered the Region 7 tournament undefeated, and cruised to a regional championship. Through the regular season he never lost a set and did not allow more than four points to be scored on him through 16 sets. He also had four shutout wins.

Brandon Pennington of D’Evelyn placed second in Region 1 and finished the regular season on a 10-match winning streak to finish 12-2.

Nick Lorenz, Discovery Canyon vs. Brenden Arndt, Longmont

Scouting report: Discovery Canyon’s Nick Lorenz is on the hunt for a state title. He entered the Region 3 tournament undefeated, winning his last two matches by 6-0, 6-0 sweeps before claiming the regional title. He has not lost a set this season.

Brenden Arndt, a senior at Longmont, took second in Region 5 and was 10-2 in the regular season.

Joey Geisz, Cheyenne Mountain vs. Alex Ilic, Aspen

Scouting report: Joey Geisz entered the Region 6 tournament needing to shake off some inconsistent play at the end of the regular season, losing four of his last five matches, including a loss to Region 3 champion Nick Lorenz. But the junior bounced back to claim the Region 6 title. He will face Aspen senior Alex Ilic in the first round. Ilic completed an undefeated regular season and finished second in Region 8.

No. 2 Singles

Mac Caldwell, Mullen vs. Tucker Travins, Coronado

Scouting report: Mullen sophomore Mac Caldwell completed a vast improvement from his freshman year, finishing the regular season 14-4 and winning the Region 3 championship. Caldwell will take on Coronado senior Tucker Travins, who took second in Region 6 after a 9-6 regular season.

Clark Steinhauser, Colorado Academy vs. James York, Palmer Ridge

Scouting report: Colorado Academy’s Clark Steinhauser is another young gun hoping for a successful state tournament. He finished the regular season 8-0 before winning the Region 1 title.

Palmer Ridge’s James York placed second in the Region 2 tournament, bouncing back from an inconsistent senior season in which he had just three wins.

Paul Jones, Cheyenne Mountain vs. Henry Matheson, Longmont

Scouting report: Despite losing a three-set heartbreaker in the final regular-season match, Cheyenne Mountain junior Paul Jones capped off an impressive year. He claimed the Region 2 title in No. 2 singles after a 14-2 regular season in which just one match went to three sets.

Freshman Henry Matheson of Longmont will battle Jones his first state tournament experience. Matheson placed second in the Region 5 tournament after an impressive debut, completing the regular season 9-1 with four 6-0, 6-0 sweeps.

No. 3 Singles

Ben Bicknell, Niwot vs. Jackson Shaeffer, Coronado

Scouting report: A junior transfer from Silver Creek, Ben Bicknell, helped Niwot claim the Region 5 championship after earning the No. 3 singles title. CHSAA lists his season record at 10-1, although his MaxPrep stats state that he was 4-1 in the regular season, his only loss from Braeden Thomas, the Region 1 champ from Colorado Academy.

Coronado’s Jackson Shaeffer will take on Bicknell in the first round after placing second in Region 6. The sophomore was 8-4 in the regular season and also had a 2-1 record playing on a No. 1 doubles team.

Oliver Muhl, Cheyenne Mountain vs. Ethan Paulus, Steamboat Springs

Scouting report: Oliver Muhl of Cheyenne Mountain wasted no time making a name for himself, claiming the Region 6 title as a freshman, helping the Indians to a championship and regional sweep. He finished the regular season 10-5 and played just four matches to three sets - including a three-set victory over Coronado’s Jackson Shaeffer, who he then defeated for the No. 3 singles regional title.

Muhl will face senior Ethan Paulus of Steamboat Springs in the first round. Paulus took second at the Region 8 tournament and was 3-3 at No. 3 singles during the regular season.

Trent Beckman, Kent Denver vs. Miles Wonnacot, Discovery Canyon

Scouting report: Junior Trent Beckman is listed to have a 7-3 record, according to CHSAA, and is fresh off of a Region 2 title win. The junior will face the Region 3 runner-up Miles Wonnacot of Discovery Canyon. He is 5-4 at No. 3 singles but also has a 2-0 record while playing at No. 1 doubles.

Braeden Thomas, Colorado Academy vs. Ethan Breese, Palmer Ridge

Scouting report: Sophomore Brawden Thomas of Colorado Academy made a statement in his second varsity season, completing an undefeated season at No. 3 singles before claiming a Region 1 championship.

Ethan Breese of Palmer Ridge will be Thomas’ first test in the state tournament. Breese, also a sophomore, took second in the Region 2 tournament and was 5-3 in the regular season.

No. 1 Doubles

Zach Adams/Corey McCarthy, Pueblo West vs. Gabe Wu/Evan Gustafson, Discovery Canyon

Scouting report: Pueblo West’s top doubles duo of Zach Adams and Corey McCarthy enter this weekend with a 20-4 record and a new Region 7 championship. The two will face Discovery Canyon’s Gabe Wu and Evan Gustafson in the first round.

Wu and Gustafson, a freshman and sophomore respectively, are fresh off a second-place finish in Region 3 and are 8-4.

Grant Leap/Robbie Metz, Cheyenne Mountain vs. Calvin Seamons/Clayton D'Epagnier, Longmont

Scouting report: Grant Leap moved from No. 2 doubles to No. 1 since his junior season and with a new partner enters the state tournament with a favorable seed. The duo of Leap and sophomore Robbie Metz won the Region 6 championship and are 13-5 on the year. They will face Calvin Seamons and Clayton D’Epagnier of Longmont, who placed second in Region 5. They are 7-3.

Sam Troughton/Luke Orris, Dawson School vs. Noah Enoch/Grayson Graham, Coronado

Scouting report: The Region 4 winners out of Dawson School, Sam Troughton and Luke Orris, have an 8-5 record. They will face Coronado’s Noah Enoch and Grayson Graham, a senior and junior respectively. They placed second in Region 6 and are 14-5.

Sam Keronen/Manas Saini, Niwot vs. Jackson Zimmerman/Bryce Miller, Palmer Ridge

Scouting report: Niwot’s top doubles team of Sam Keronen and Manas Saini are fresh off a Region 5 championship and have just two losses on the year (13-2). But Palmer Ridge’s Jackson Zimmerman and Bryce Miller will try to change that in the first round. The duo placed second in Region 2 last year and have just one loss (4-1).

No. 2 Doubles

Nicholas Dietrich/Will Smart, Colorado Academy vs. Christian Sack/Ben Carlandar, Palmer Ridge

Scouting report: An undefeated duo enter the state tournament as Region 1 champions at No. 2 doubles. Colorado Academy’s Nicholas Dietrich and Will Smart are 9-0 this season and will take on Palmer Ridge’s freshman pair Christian Sack and Ben Carlandar in the first round. Sack and Carlandar are 5-4 and took second in Region 2.

Jake Writer/Jack Domich, Kent Denver vs. William MacGuire/Justin Brand, Air Academy

Scouting report: At 5-5 and after settling for second at the Region 2 tournament, Kent Denver’s Jake Writer and Jack Domich will look to turn things around this weekend. Their first test will be against Air Academy’s William MacGuire and Justin Brand, who enter the tournament as the Region 6 runners up and are 14-8.

Carver Ward/Max Schultz, Cheyenne Mountain vs. Louie Martinez/Zander Pacheco, Pueblo Centennial

Scouting report: With just two losses on the season Cheyenne Mountain’s Region 6 No. 2 doubles champions are in fine form. Ward, a sophomore, and Schultz, a senior, will take on Louie Martinez and Zander Pacheco, the runners-up out of Region 7. The pair are 15-6.

No. 3 Doubles

Bryce Cordts-Pearce/Ben O'Brien, Aspen vs. Thomas Kleynhans/Landry Jones, Discovery Canyon

Scouting report: Aspen’s No. 3 doubles team of Bryce Cordts-Pearce and Ben O’Brien enter the state tournament fresh off a Region 8 win and are 10-1. Cordts-Pearce, a sophomore, and O’Brien, a junior, will take on Thomas Kleynhans and Landry Jones from Discovery Canyon. The duo are 8-4 and last weekend took second in Region 3.

William Coors/Casey Klutznick, Kent Denver vs. Brayden White/Chase Harris, Air Academy

Scouting report: Kent Denver’s No. 3 doubles team hasn’t had too much experience on the court together, but they enter the state tournament after winning a Region 2 title. They will take on Air Academy’s Brayden White and Chase Harris, who are fresh off a second-place finish at Region 6. White, a junior, and Harris, a freshman are 11-8.

Bennett Ziegler/Konrad Ziegler, Cheyenne Mountain vs. Aedan Hall/Calan Barnhardt, Durango

Scouting report: Cheyenne Mountain’s Bennett Ziegler and Konrad Ziegler are ready to use their inspired chemistry to battle for a No. 3 doubles title. The two are Region 6 champions and are 15-3. The two have played just three matches to three sets this year. Konrad is in his senior season, while Bennett is a sophomore.

The two will take on Aedan Hall and Calan Barnhardt of Durango, who placed second in Region 8 and are 3-9.

No. 4 Doubles

Nolan Farrey/Ethan Godfrey, Aspen vs. Quinn Turner/Ethan Michon, Palmer Ridge

Scouting report: Aspen’s No. 4 doubles pair of Nolan Farrey and Ethan Godfrey enter buzzing with an 11-1 record and a fresh Region 8 title. They will face Quinn Turner and Ethan Michon, a freshman duo from Palmer Ridge. They placed second at the Region 2 tournament. Turner primarily played at No. 2 doubles.

Xavier Moy/Jon Lee, Niwot vs. Nicholas Phams/Ian Lewis, Coronado

Scouting report: Niwot’s undefeated No. 4 doubles team rounds out a talented roster as Xavier Moy and Jon Lee enter the state tournament as Region 5 champions at perfect 16-0. Moy, a sophomore and Lee, a senior, will face Nicholas Phams and Ian Lewis of Coronado in the first round. The senior pair placed second in Region 6 and are 13-5.

Jackson Miller/Joseph Martensen, Cheyenne Mountain vs. Ethan Montoya/Ollie Montoya, Littleton

Scouting report: A freshman pair from Cheyenne Mountain hope to make a splash in their first state tournament after a swift Region 6 victory. Jackson Miller and Joseph Martensen are 14-4 and will take on Ethan and Ollie Montoya of Littleton in the first round. The siblings are 12-1 and placed second in Region 3.

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