Grant Leap and Robbie Metz didn’t get what they had hoped for at the Class 4A state boys’ tennis tournament.

It was still fun, though.

It had to be, especially when you were good friends before it all started. Leap was an experienced senior, and Metz was an up-and-coming sophomore. That didn’t matter. They got along just fine.

Even though they started off slow, Leap and Metz wrapped up their one season together in style.

They took fourth at No. 1 doubles in the Class 4A state tournament in October, but not before avenging an earlier loss to Kent Denver and battling Mullen’s J.P. Starkey and Dante Dino in the third-place match. Leap and Metz were named The 2018 Gazette Preps Boys’ Tennis Doubles Team Peak Performer of the Year.

“They hung in there, and that’s an important aspect,” Cheyenne Mountain coach Dave Adams said.

“They keep hanging in there and grinding. That’s our motto this year and those two guys were the epitome of that.”

Their wake-up call came in the second match of the season, when Leap and Metz lost to Denver East. Leap called it “the worst match ever.” And he should know, as he played with Michael Dashiell last year at No. 2 doubles and had an up-and-down year before earning the same Gazette honor.

But from there, Leap and Metz improved. They won five straight matches.

And at this year’s state tournament, they earned enough points to help the Indians to a third-place finish behind Colorado Academy and Niwot. And the Cheyenne Mountain coaches, players and fans couldn’t be happier about the result.

“We didn’t place as well as I’d like,” Leap said. “But it was a really great year and it was fun to be with Robbie. Getting to be with him made it a really good year for me.”

They were friends before they became tennis partners, hanging out at school and training together. And now, the boys have parted ways — at least in tennis.

Leap will be graduating and heading to Air Force Academy as a student (though he might play intramural tennis there), while Metz is already thinking about his last two seasons at Cheyenne Mountain.

But the two will remember the season they had together as they move on.

“I think we did well together,” Metz said.

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