PEYTON - Linemen on high school football teams have been left to do their own thing in the summer as seven-on-seven tournaments for skill-position players have become more popular, but the big boys were featured Saturday at Falcon.

Falcon coach Christopher Waca planned his event Saturday with the oft-forgotten linemen in mind.

“I was just pondering it over, brainstorming with the coaches, and we haven’t seen very many lineman challenges around, so we wanted to do that,” he said. “We figured if we were going to do that, we may as well have the skills guys over for a 7-on-7 tournament.”

Harrison won the seven-on-seven tournament around noon Saturday, but the linemen worked into the early afternoon as temperatures crept toward 90 degrees.

The dirty workers competed in a fireman’s carry where two 45-pound plates were fixed to each side of a contraption. Linemen lifted the approximate 200 pounds and carried it 20 yards before turning around with winner carrying the load the farthest distance.

“Oh, it was crazy,” Mesa Ridge senior-to-be Alan Wallace said of the event that challenged him the most.

After that came a race where six linemen pushed a sled 40 yards as fast as possible.

The final event was a six-man, 600-meter relay where the runners handed off two 20-pound kettlebells instead of a much lighter baton.

“It’s a good way for the linemen, because they go so unrecognized, to get some work and have some fun,” Harrison coach Al Melo said. “It was a good day.”

Falcon took home the team honors for the top line, while Mesa Ridge’s C’Drel Watson won top individual.

Wallace and Melo said the only other big-man challenge they’ve participated in came at the Broncos’ seven-on-seven event.

“I think it’s good for us to do this as linemen so we get stronger together,” Wallace said.

It was the first time Waca hosted such an event, but he plans to continue it. Athletes from Liberty, Coronado, Palmer, Woodland Park and Cheyenne Mountain participated to make it an eight-team event.

"I thought it went really well. It was great to have those other seven schools with us,” the Falcon coach said.

“It was a great day, fun day.”

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