Nine high school students from Palmer Ridge signed and committed to their college of choice to play college sports at Palmer Ridge High School on Wednesday February 7, 2018 in Monument.

More than 50 local athletes in the class of 2018 have signed to play football at the collegiate level on official signing days. Below is a list of area football players headed to the college ranks as reported by athletic directors:

Canon City

Cody Andreis — Presentation College (NAIA)

Collin Minnick — CSU Pueblo (DII)

Kadin Porter — CSU Pueblo (DII)

Dylan Roberts — Adams State (DII)

Cole Smith — Adams State (DII)

Cheyenne Mountain

Nick Dunlap — Chadron State College (DII)

Khanr Fleischhacker — Fort Lewis (DII)

Garry Raymond — Yale (DI)

Shamauri Rivera — Northern Colorado (DI)

Samuel Schofield — Fort Lewis (DII)


Justin Dwinell — CSU Pueblo (DII)

Jordan Evans — Chadron State (DII)

Toby Smith — South Dakota School of Mines (DII)

Franklin Thurlow — Northwestern College (NAIA)

Colorado Springs Christian

Austin Gaylor — Fort Lewis (DII)

Jordan Greager — CSU Pueblo (DII)


Joe Golden — Northern Colorado (DI)

Luke Maier — Trine University (DIII)

Scott Sellers — South Dakota School of Mines (DII)

D’Angelo Shepherd — University of Nebraska Kearney (DII)


Kyle Ager — Hamline College (DIII)

Benjamin McCaffery — Bethany College (NAIA)

Chianté Stewart — Friends University (NAIA)


John Cathey — Presentation College South Dakota (NAIA)

Morgan Miller — Presentation College South Dakota (NAIA)

Fountain-Fort Carson

Marcus Abila — McPherson College (NAIA)

Ahmed Bernard — Fort Lewis (DII)

Jarrett Cruz — OK Panhandle State (NAIA)

Eric Donnell — CSU Pueblo (DII)

Gabe Elliott — Fresno City College (NAIA)

Gavin Green — Northern Colorado (DI)

Iosua Maika — CSU Pueblo (DII)

Erik Rolle — McPherson College (NAIA)

Jarren Sly — CSU Pueblo (DII)


Tyler Anderson —South Dakota School of Mines (DII)


Jordan Pshigoda — Fort Lewis (DII)

Cole Recker — Presentation (NAIA)


Nick Gossage — Fort Hays State (DII)

Mesa Ridge

Isaiah Brooks — College of Redwoods JuCo (NJCAA)

Jeremiah Doria — Tabor College (NAIA)

Ju-Wan Edgerton — CSU Pueblo (DII)

Dom Fini — CSU Pueblo (DII)

Arnell Henry — Sterling College (NAIA)


Chance Glaser — Trinity International University (NAIA)

Palmer Ridge

Josh Boles — Fort Hays State (DII)

Cam Collangelo — Western State (DII)

Zach Hester — Colorado School of Mines (DII)

Cory McLellan — CSU Pueblo (DII)

Pine Creek

Christion Louis — Chadron State (DII)


Keion Cross — Northern Colorado (DI)

Seth Sheppard — Morningside (DII)

Jared Behm — Morningside (DII)

Vista Ridge

Malique McKay — Chadron St. College (DII)

Jaylen Thomas — Air Force (DI)


TJ Davis —University of Nebraska Kearney (DII)

Myreik Goodwin —Sterling College (Kansas) (NAIA)

Xavier Perkins — Hastings College (Nebraska) (NAIA)

Isaac Price — Hastings College (Nebraska) (NAIA)

Sam Reed — Chadron State College (DII)

John Underwood — McPherson College (NAIA)

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