Without so much as a varsity snap under their belts, these class of 2022 ballers are working hard to be an asset on their respective squads right away.

Here’s what their coaches have to say:

Anthony Costanzo, wide receiver, Palmer Ridge: “Anthony Costanzo, will be a starter at WR for us, tall guy with a lot of developed, natural skill and instinct to go up and get the ball. He will be an impact player of offense and defense as a freshman.” — Coach Chris Clarke

Connor Jones, offensive line, Palmer Ridge: “He is a natural offensive lineman who has obviously been coached well up to this point. Look to see him work his way into the varsity rotation as the season gets going.” — Coach Chris Clarke

Justis Laulu, tackle, Falcon: “Justis plays both offensive and defensive line. On defense he attracted a lot of double teams, and he averaged about 8 tackles a game from the defensive tackle and nose tackle position. On offense he is a road grader who has great footwork and speed for a guy his size.” — Coach Richard Lozano

Jonathan Lozano, center/ defensive line, Falcon: “Jonathan is 6-foot-1, 225 pounds and plays center. He is the battery to the offense with his great snapping, blocking and communication of the defensive alignment. He had dozens of pancake blocks, and was one of the leaders on the offense.” — Coach Richard Lozano

Daveon Manning, wide receiver/ defensive back, Falcon: “Daveon played like a beast in his first year of organized football. He had four kickoff returns for touchdowns and caused several turnovers from strips, fumble recoveries and interceptions. He was a force on special teams and defense.” — Coach Richard Lozano

Darius McFarland, running back/ safety, Falcon: “Darius is 5’11” 165 lbs and he had at least 10 touchdowns rushing a season ago in 8th grade and averaged 150 yards a game rushing. On defense he had about 5 interception, with about 25 tackles and was a great return man for us with a couple of returns for touchdowns.” — Coach Richard Lozano

Desmond Oliver, running back, Fountain-Fort Carson: “He is a transfer from Texas and has a strong work ethic with great potential to be a key component to our program in the coming years.” — Coach Jake Novotny

Bruce Reinhard, full back/ defensive end, Falcon: “Bruce is 5-foot-10, 175 pounds and is a great lead blocker and has great hands. He also played defensive end and had 15 tackles for loss. We lost Bruce after our last regular season game do to a hand injury that required surgery.” — Coach Richard Lozano

Cameron Robinette, quarterback, Falcon: “Cameron has a great QB IQ and was the leader of the (middle school) team and offense. He is a great field general and has a cannon of an arm. He passed for about 200 yards a game. He saw the field very well and rushed very well when the opportunity presented itself.” — Coach Richard Lozano

Gavin Whetzal, linebacker, Pine Creek: Whetzal, a 6-foot-1, 180 pound incoming freshman that has already made a name for himself on the national stage. This past January Whetzal was selected for the 2018 USA Football U-15 team. — Info provided by John Whetzal

Hayden Whitaker, wide receiver/ linebacker, Falcon: “Hayden is 5-foot-10, 155 pounds, and was a playmaker on the defensive side of the ball with eight interceptions — two returned for TD’s. He also returned a few punts and kickoffs to the house as well. He was a great offensive player as well playing TE/WR with great blocking and pass catching.” — Coach Richard Lozano

Other notable incoming freshmen: DJ Allen, tight end; Nick Towell, quarterback; Josh Deal - Widefield

Pikes Peak 2022 Players to Watch list was compiled thanks to nominations from area coaches.

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