It all came down to two plays. A blocked extra point, and a goal-line stand. And Air Academy’s Brady Badwound was responsible for both as he made the first win of his senior season count in a big way.

The third-year starter not only scored on a 75-yard touchdown reception in the Kadet’s 14-13 victory over Falcon on Friday, but he also blocked an extra point attempt, and made arguably the biggest play of the game with a tackle at the goal line, halting Falcon’s drive on fourth down with just seconds left to play.

“We just saw something in our scouting that thought maybe that (block attempt) would be a good play and Brady made an unbelievable effort,” Air Academy coach Scott Grinde said. “An extra point is the difference tonight that we blocked, and that’s stuff we work on and this is a great learning experience for both teams I think.

“This was just a great football game,” Grinde said. “They battled, we battled you can’t ask for much more than that. I’m really proud of their kids for continuing to scrap and claw and our kids for sticking with every play.”

Down by one with five minutes left to play, Falcon milked the clock and drove down the field and into the red zone with less than a minute left on the clock.

“I knew we didn’t have to panic and we just had to get the ball down the field,” Falcon coach Chris Waca said.

But Air Academy’s defense tightened up, forcing Falcon to use all of its timeouts and attempt one last play on third down from the five.

“We knew what we had been working on with our field goal unit and we knew what we needed to get for a chance,” Waca said. “That’s what we said in that last huddle, we needed to get rid of the ball because we dind’t have timeouts and we needed to throw it out of the end zone to give us a chance to kick it on fourth down.”

With no open receivers Falcon quarterback Francisco Ponce kept the ball and tried to find a hole, but was tackled by Badwound at the one-yard line. On the way down Ponce was hit by his own teammate in the jaw and fumbled the ball. Air Academy recovers.

Celebrations ensue with 17 seconds left on the clock.

But amid the celebrations, two Air Academy players noticed that Ponce was injured, and flagged down the trainers.


Ponce eventually got up and walked to the sideline, but he was later taken to the hospital for precautionary treatment.

“Nowadays with the way concussions are, these are young kids and they have the rest of their lives to look forward to, so it’s good to be precautionary,” Waca said.

A 75-yard pass from Bo Powers to Badwound got the Kadets on the board early, but it didn’t take long for the Falcons to get it back as Christian Newhart returned the ensuing kickoff for a touchdown.

“The guy that everyone looks at right now is Drake (Antoon, who had 152 rushing and 110 kick return yards last week), but we have to make sure we are able to use and and make sure we have other weapons that we can use,” Waca said.

Cole Edmondson had a 55-yard touchdown rush for Air Academy, and Aaron Montelongo ran for a four-yard Falcon touchdown - the team’s first offensive touchdown of the season. The extra point attempt after Montelongo’s touchdown in the fourth quarter was blocked by Badwound.

“We wanted to be resilient, have a physical attitude and finish,” Waca said. “I thought out defense did outstanding tonight holding them to just two big plays. It was a dogfight.”

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